March 16, 2010

Finishing Sentences

I was totally having writers block and then I went and read Jody's blog and she has a post called Finishing Sentences. Boy oh boy am I copying that cute!

Outside my window….darkness
I am thinking… I should go to bed even though my body still thinks it's an hour earlier

I am thankful for… Kristen & Jesse. It isn't always easy but definitely worth it.

I am wearing… ivory/pink baseball type shirt with spit up on it and green cargo pants

I am remembering… that I haven't signed Jesse up for his next session of swim classes

I am going… to tone up this post pregnancy body of mine

I am currently reading… The Art of Friendship

I am hoping… to be an uber successful photographer

On my mind… how average I really am

Noticing that… I'm feeling kind of down tonight  :(

Pondering these words…  drawing a blank here?!?!?

From the kitchen… chocolate bunny that I can't eat since it was bothering Jesse. Darn cows milk sensitivity

Around the house… dog fur, always dog fur

One of my favorite things… when Kristen get's home from work

To Do...  figure out another giveaway for my blog before my birthday


Anonymous said...

I feel special that you copied from me, seeing as I'm only new to this. :)

Tara said...

I LOVE the idea....I copied it too.

So now Jody has TWO copy-cats!!!

Great idea!