March 19, 2010

4 Things I Love

Another edition of 4 things I love....

1. Grilled Chicken
We have been having almost summer like weather this week. Which means....BBQ season

2. Sheep
I love my new sheep oven mitts :)

3. Food Magazines
I love going through them and cutting out any recipes that I want to try before throwing what's remaining of the book in the recycle bin

And last but not least...
4. Photos
I love photos!
Kristen & I love to travel. Especially down south.
This year we aren't able to travel....I'm on mat leave (no extra money) I'm nursing Jesse (he should be weaned in a few months) and then last night Kristen goes and finds the most awesome last minute deals we have ever seen for this time of year!
Since we couldn't book, I decided to get out my Cuba/Dominican albums and torture myself just a little bit more.

Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend :)

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