March 22, 2010

101 in 1001

I read somewhere......."that only 4% of Americans write down their goals? And the people who do write down their goals make 9 times more money than those who don't write down their goals at all"

So to celebrate entering my 30's today, I've decided to create a list of goals or bucket list of sorts.
I'm taking on the 101 in 1001 challenge.
This way you give yourself just under 3 years to reach these 101 goals, ideas, etc.
I'll do a blog post anytime that I scratch something off the list
Without further ado, here's my challange for the next 3 years....Happy Birthday to me :)

Christa’s 101 in 1001

Start Date: 22 March 2010
End Date: 17 December 2012

1. Celebrate my 30th Birthday

2. Blog every day for one month

3. Start doing a video blog post once a month

4. Organize and/or burn all photos, albums, un-finished scrapbooks up to 2009

5. Complete a hand-written journal

6. Record a song

7. Host a Customer Appreciation Event

8. Do a scrapbook of Jesse’s first year

9. Read at least 20 books

10. Take a photo a day  in 2011 

11. Read the entire Bible

12. Volunteer

13. Give an anonymous gift/flowers

14. Host a Brunch

15. Complete a scrapbook of Boone

16. Get Boone “fixed”

17. Try Sushi

18. Give my brother a House-warming Gift

19. Try 10 new recipes and blog about them

20. Have my teeth whitened

21. Climb Gros Morne Mountain

22. Go on a hike

23. Dance in the rain

24. Make a new friend

25. Go skiing with Kristen

26. Go on a picnic

27. Take a dance class

28. Try Yoga

29. Maintain weight but tone up

30. Go to WPPI in Las Vegas

31. Do something artistic

32. Go to a show

33. Participate in a House Exchange

34. Travel to NYC

35. Stay in a bed-n-breakfast

36. Travel to a US city that I haven't been before

37. Travel to a Canadian city that I haven’t been before

38. Shop at an Antique or Thrift Store

39. Host a garage Sale

40. Shoot a Destination wedding

41. Host annual bbq

42. Have regular “date night” with hubby

43. Dine at Terra Cotta Inn Restaurant

44. Photograph Jesse with his Great-Grandparents

45. Teach Jesse the alphabet

46. Show Jesse how to colour

47. Build a snowman with Jesse

48. Take Jesse on a boat

49. Bake cookies with Jesse

50. Potty train Jesse

51. Show Jesse how to blow bubbles

52. Take Jesse camping

53. Surprise hubby with a romantic getaway

54. Have family photos taken

55. Have another baby

56. Write a will

57. Travel down south

58. Be maid of honour in a wedding

59. Have my own office

60. Open my own studio

61. Photography be my main source of income

62. Book 20 weddings in one year

63. Upgrade my Nikon

64. Own a shootsac

65. Sign up for 3 photography related workshops, schooling, learning session, etc.

66. Get published in a wedding magazine

67. Inspire someone

68. Second shoot for someone I admire

69. Have Kristen second shoot with me

70. Start a business with Kristen

71. Give away 1 wedding a year

72. Buy 2 more camera lens

73. Go on a girls weekend

74. Have an adventure

75. Create a promo video for my website

76. Own a new digital video camera

77. Become a member of a church

78. Print new photos for living room collage

79. Buy fresh flowers for my house

80. Convince hubby to get rid of old jeans he doesn’t wear :)

81. Add a shelf to my laundry room

82. Get a linen closet

83. Get rid of junk drawer

84. Give up something for Lent

85. Donate old clothing to charity

86. Spend an evening with friends playing board games

87. Own a Mac

88. Be debt free with exception of Mortgage

89. Win Lotto Max lottery :)

90. Do something special for my girlfriends

91. Give away an AMAZING prize on my blog (ideas and/or donations accepted)

92. Create something

93. Complete my marketing materials for my photography business

94. Hire a graphic designer for a project

95. Take professional photos of my parents

96. Record my family tree

97. Try a new hair style or colour

98. Give the front yard a new look

99. Grow a cutting garden

100. Relax in a hot tub or sauna

101.Donate an item to a food bank for every item not completed

And today I can officially scratch #1 off the list!
Might not be doing much, but I'm definitely celebrating :)


Anonymous said...

I think you can scratch #67 off your list as well because you inspired me to write a blog & you inspire me every day to be a better person! :)

Happy 30th ol' friend!!! tc.

Christa said...

sniffle, sniffle...thanks Jo. You're just the sweetest :)

Anonymous said...

you can visit NYC easily by staying with us-we are only 1 1/2 hour away. Vicki wants to come soon-so chat with her.

Jenny said...

This is so awesome Christa, it seems like I write lists everyday but they stress me out more then anything. I think i'll actually do this...even if half of my goals seem like alot of work. :)

Tara said...

HOLY CRAP...K, follow me here:

I WAS going to write how INSPIRING you are to me, how you make me want to do more and be more.... all this while admitting I read 'most' of the 101 goals.

THEN, I read your other comments and realized that inspiring someone was on the list.

SO, I completely agree that you really need to cross this one off the list girl, cuz YOU got me totally inspired!

Keep up your GREAT work Christa...I'm SO proud of you and can't wait to meet you!

HUGS to you for being SO motivated!!! You will go far my dear!

Christa said...

You are all so awesome and so supportive!!! I love you all :)

@Joann: I just might be taking you up on that NYC offer

@Jen: don't get stressed, you'll feel awesome as you chekc stuff off

@Tara:'re so encouraging. Looking forward to meeting you too!

Cici said...

I love your list! It has some adventure, but it's not off the wall crazy stuff - it's down to earth and just simply fun. I hope to continue following your blog. Oh, and the photography is beautiful, just an added bonus to such a great list.

capriwim said...

This is a great list - good luck with it. And sushi is definitely worth trying - it's one of my favourite foods. :-)