February 3, 2010

Uncool Mommy

I'm a very uncool mommy.
No really I am....I am completely clueless about the new and popular baby items.
There are three things especially that if I had known about them before hand they would have definitely been on my baby shower wishlists :)

First the Bumbo Baby Sitter

I didn't even know these existed until Christmas time when it seemed every baby EXCEPT Jesse received one as a gift.
These are so freakin cute!
I'm so frustrated that I didn't know, if I had known about these one of the gifts we bought Jesse, would have been replaced by this.

Now clueless item #2
Again if I had known about this product, I would have had this for the day I brought Jesse home from the hospital!!
This is my friends baby....I apologize for the blurriness

But look at how warm and cuddly he looks!
There's all these rules about not wearing snowsuits or thick coats on the baby's in the car seats cause it interferes with the safety belts.
So me being totally uncool & hillbilly, I cart Jesse around in his carseat with uber cool blankets.
One wrapped around him once he's safely strapped in and then a 2nd over the carseat to protect him from the cold & weather.
Again I refuse to buy this one now because Jesse will soon be too big for the infant carseat and I've survived this long I can manage the rest of the winter.

Item #3
She is a teether....an expensive $22 teether.
But when I found out about her, I did go buy Jesse this one.
Because Jesse is teething and I had a Babies R Us gift card to use :)

Look how much Jesse loves her!
Chew, chew, chew :)

I just wish someone had told me about these things before hand!
For example, the nursing pillow.
I was told by a couple of girlfriends that I NEEDED this item.
And boy were they right...even now I'm still using it.
So in future...mommies please share your knowledge so clueless, uncool mommies like me can be kept in the loop.
I don't buy things just for the sake of being cool, but these items are actually practical!
I already know that if we are blessed with Baby Hann #2 down the road, baby showers or not I'll be buying those items :)
But then again by that time, there'll be new products and I'll be uncool again....geesh!


Brittany said...

Totally agree with these! don't worry Jesse isn't the only one without a bumbo, bundleme or the giraffe! Alexis has none either, though I have heard great raves about the bumbo and have seen quite a few babies with the giraffe. I guess I'm an uncool mom too. Hey maybe it's cool to be uncool since we find out our own ways without all the gadgets and gizmos!

Stephanie said...

I had the first two for Rylan. I loved the bundleme-so practical. I plan on getting Sophie the giraffe for baby Sophia.

Myrna Hynes said...

I don't remember the Bumbo chair OR Sophie from when Sarah was little so I was obviously out of the loop too! I had a version of the "Bundleme" which is great! I hope to have Bumbo and Sophie for baby #2.

Angela (Cousin Ken's wife) said...

Lots of parents have survived without these "cool" things for baby and lots more will continue to survive without them. (although the one for the car seat looks very practical)
Remember, having the latest trendy item is NOT what makes you cool!
You're doing great.

Jenny said...

Christa seriously you are not an uncool mommy. My bro and his girlfriend gave Lucas the chair (he didn't like it) he hated being pinned down in the chair. I had never heard of it either. lol. "Sophie" was given to Lucas by my sis Tracey. He really liked her at first but now doesn't even seem to notice her much anymore. I didn't even know such thing exsisted. Oh and Myrna lent me the bundleme thing but I didn't end up using it because the weather was starting to get warm.
So you see if you are a uncool mommy then I must be too cause if it wasn't for my family I wouldn't of known about those things either. :)