January 25, 2010

Herb & Garlic Pasta

I wanted to try something new yesterday, I felt like pasta and I felt like using the herb & garlic cream cheese that was in the fridge.
So I with a little online research I made this concoction up.....
Fry a couple strips of bacon

while that's cooking boil your pasta

then remove from the pasta from the pot but keep your water boiling, you'll want to add a good handful of spinach. Let it wilt...this will take under a minute.
Strain and add to your pasta

Crumble the cooked bacon, add to the pasta & spinach and then 3-4 tablespoons of herb & garlic cream cheese.

Mix well, until cream cheese is melted and pasta coated evenly.
Season with salt & lots of pepper

And voila!
What would I do differently?
I would have fried up some garlic and onions with the bacon for added flavour.
Or added green onions to this.
But it was still good even without those ingredients.


Holly said...

mmm that sounds good!

*kayla said...

can you make this for me when I get there? haha it looks sooo good!

Myrna Hynes said...

Looks so good, and easy too!...the pasta I make with spinach has chicken, red onions, and red pepper fried up with balsamic vinegar and cream. It's great too!