June 15, 2011

Married: Carmaline & Thomas - Part II

And now for part II....
We headed to Kariya Park in Mississauga for the bridal party portraits. Although the park is small, this location was fabulous. Exactly how I like it, full of texture and colours but not too big to get overwhelmed.
Carmaline & Thomas did a great job picking it.

So let's begin....first with the awesome bridal party

I didn't ask the girls to pose like this, just for the record. 
However that being said, I actually kind of like how it turned out :)

Not to be left out Angie grabbed this one of the guys

You two...seriously stop being so darned good looking!

While I was getting the above bridal party shot, Angie was climbing rocks and getting down to get this angle of just the bride & groom. Angie, you nailed it!

Another fave

And while Angie grabbed these awesome angles

I grabbed this....

and this...Carmaline, you're beautiful!

You might remember this one from the teaser

But that's not all

I'll finish this post with this image, simply because it's awesome :)
I just adore the look on Thomas' face

Part III coming soon....the reception.


Anonymous said...

Wow, again an amazing job. You ladies out did yourselves. A job well done! TT

Angie said...

What an awesome tean we are!!!!!
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!