June 14, 2011

Married: Carmaline & Thomas - Part I

He looks at her with a love that is full of admiration and fondness. 
She looks at him as her anchor, the one who keeps her grounded when life is throwing all it can at her.
He's the Ying to her Yang. The polar opposites that make them attract.
It's their differences that complete them....that makes them whole as a couple.

Carmaline & Thomas started out as acquaintances, they "kind of" knew who the other person was but quick judgements had them both left not really wanting to get to the know the other any further. Then one fateful day they got to talking and realized there was a connection....a connection that was perfect.
It was the right time, the right place and they just knew it was meant to be.

I've gotten to know Carmaline & Thomas over the past few months and have come to know they are caring and generous people. They have huge hearts and even greater personalities. In fact, after one of our meetings they wouldn't even let me cross the street to my parked car, they insisted that I be driven from point A to point B. I honestly thought they were being ridiculous, but that who they are....the real deal.
The day of the wedding was no different, conversations with various friends & family, along with the wonderful speeches were further testament to the type of people Carmaline & Thomas are. But hey, don't just believe what I say....see for yourself.
A huge thank you goes out to Angie White for being the most awesome second shooter too!

The bride & groom getting ready at their selected places.

The detail in Carmaline's custom made sari was amazing

And let's not forget the sari's of the bridesmaids...love the bright colours

This couple (& bridal party) LIKE their phones!

Some fabulous shoes

Some final touches before the ceremony

And for the guys some down time
Let the ceremony begin

Thomas as he see's his BEAUTIFUL bride coming down the aisle

And my fave ceremony photo...just love the joy on their faces.

Stay tuned for part II....


Angie said...

Great job Chrissy!!
Im so blessed to have been your second shooter for this absolutely stunning wedding! The whole day was awesome! You have once again come through with breathtaking photos. Carmaline and Thomas are going to love them! I cant wait to see the rest!!

Jen said...

Beautiful Christa...just getting caught up again. :)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful shots! I love love the last shot of Carmaline smiling and Thomas beside her with a smile also. A moment that was captured and saved for a keepsake. Well done ladies! Can't wait for more.TT

Pamela Anthony said...

Wow! Amazing job! As always, looking forward to seeing your next post!