April 25, 2011

Xtreme Buggy Tour - Punta Cana

I haven’t traveled extensively but I have traveled a wee bit to the tropical islands down south. Every time the hubby & I visit one of these locations we usually book an excursion or two. Some sort of action adventure type tour that is fun but also educates about how the locals live and not base our conclusions by the few servers we meet within the resort.

Usually we book the tour once we arrive and through the rep provided by our travel agent. Usually we play it somewhat safe because honestly I’m a big chicken and hate to break the rules.

We knew we wanted to do a dune buggy tour, cause really who doesn’t want to get covered in mud to the point that you literally have to throw the clothes away (even the underwear), but after much research (hubby dearest is a research junkie) we quickly discovered that these dune buggies weren’t actually that much fun. They were small, they would break down constantly and the tour guide was basically just another guy trying to pay rent without much passion for what he was doing.

But this time, oh this time....Hubby went and found a dune buggy tour called Xtreme Buggy that had amazing reviews on Trip Advisor, you HAD to book in advance, and the kicker....it wasn’t “approved” by our travel agent. Eek!!!! However, the kind words by past customers convinced me and we went ahead and booked a group, paid the deposit and voila...April 15th while visiting Punta Cana, Dominican Republic I would go on my favourite excursion to date.
Yes that's mud on the lens

 After driving through what I call the canyon but was actually a quarry, we stopped at a local supermarket.
Charlie explained to us here that the locals ONLY buy what they need. And pretty much on a daily basis. With electricity always rolling, it’s almost impossible to own a refrigerator. So if they need a slice of cheese for the day they go to the market and buy one slice of cheese.

This moment, this stop on the tour is what caused me to think and not stop thinking since.....the fact that we consume, consume, consume, we buy more than we need, we throw out rotten food, and these people buy only what they need because of circumstances. I just hope someone has told them that they’re the ones doing it right. They’re the ones not destroying anything out of greed. They get living simply and in the moment.

I wasn’t exaggerating about the mud
Group photo

The beautiful beach where we attempted to clean up after the group photo

 And I’ll finish off with this little video  :)


Ange said...

It looks like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

OMG...that looked like so much fun. I wanna do I wanna do. :) Happy you guys had such an awesome time.

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