April 24, 2011

Just Because: Kayla & Chris

There's an old rundown gas station just on the outskirts of town.
I drive by it almost daily.
I love it!
It has so much character.
My cousin Kayla was coming to visit a few weeks ago. She & her boyfriend were coming for a weekend en route to Varadero, Cuba. You might remember Kayla from THIS Just Because session.
When she asked if a Just Because session for her & Chris would be possible I immediately told her yes, we could definitely work something out with the short amount of time we would have together.

We got to talking about her vision for the shoot and I couldn't have been more excited, I explained to her how I had the PERFECT location and it would suit not only the look she was going for but it would also be an opportunity for me to add this awesome location as a choice for future clients.
Because really, who wouldn't want their photographs done here after seeing how awesome Kayla's & Chris's images turned out.

Kayla WORKED it!!! Love me these gas pumps

Chris managed to rock it out as well.
You might remember this one from the sneak peek

And this one...

I know you may think a lot of these images are "serious" looking. But it was the feel we were going for.
But I promise, we really did have lots of fun :)

Then we headed across the street to this fabulous spot.

I would highly suggest this one as a wall print :)

And to finish off the session, this one.
Yes that's right ladies, hands off, he's taken...he, he.

Happy Sunday friends. 
I hope you are all spending the day celebrating the true reason of Easter with those closest to you.


Myrna Hynes said...

These are amazing...Kayla and Chris look hot hot hot!! My fav shoot of yours to date, fo' sho'! :)

vicki said...

Georgeous, they rocked it! Love the location!

Angie said...

AWESOME job Chrissy! The Gas station one are my favorite scene!