April 28, 2011

On A Whim Session: Myrna

I’m sure you all know Myrna. You know the girl who had the photos taken on the truck?
Yep ...that’s the girl. Almost all clients I speak with mention that photo shoot and how much they loved the images.
Myrna is one of my best friends and probably my BEST client.
She believes in what I do, she loves my work, and supports the philosophies as to why I do what I do. She’s one of my loudest cheer leaders.

But what I need all of you to know is that I’m really one of Myrna’s biggest fans.
Why you ask? Because she’s fabulous. Just as she is, right now.
She’s a wonderful Mom to two beautiful daughters, a loving wife to her husband, a business owner, an active volunteer in the community and her church, has creative talent that oozes from her to the point that I’m almost envious (not quite thought because that would be a sin...lol) and on top of all that, she’s a beautiful woman, inside and out.

Another reason I deeply admire Myrna is her ability to seize the moment. I’m a planner, I like lists, calendars and schedules. Myrna is a procrastinator, works better under pressure and prefers last minute decisions. It drives me nuts but is also a good balance to our ying-yang relationship. It’s also a characteristic that forces her to live life now, as is.

This lead to her decision to do her trash the dress session while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Cause really who knew when she’d be there again and she loved that setting as the backdrop for her photos. But what you need to know is Myrna just had a baby 8 months ago, she looks great but still feels she needs to lose weight, tone up and the list goes on but I say she’s full of it because her curves ARE something worth envying.
And yet, that still didn’t stop her.....in fact this is what she said “I may have rolls and stretch marks and crazy hair, but it's me right now, and I actually kinda like it :) I know maybe I shouldn't wear a 2-piece bathing suit either but this is what I have right now and in 20 years I'll probably be wishing for it..."  ~Myrna
 Seriously how can you NOT admire someone who has such an awesome attitude and outlook on life. 

So on the way to the beach to do her Trash the Dress session, I was commenting on how much I loved the black wrap she chose to wore "en route" then we found some awesome rocks and decided to do a "on the whim" mini boudoir session.OH yes....fabulous indeed!!!

I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.
Marilyn Monroe


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Myrna is an amazing woman & the Marilyn Monroe suits her so well. :)

Myrna Hynes said...

Awwww! Thanks Christa! I love you too! And I would never have these photos if it wasn't for you so I am very grateful...you rock girlfriend! I'm always amazed at how "plain" me translates into hotness through the lens of your camera :)

Anonymous said...

Holy poop Myrna, aka Blonde Bombshell!!! Amazing!!!

Angie said...


Tara said...


BEAUTIFUL is a complete understatement!

WAY TO GO Christa!