January 3, 2011

For the Rookies: The Resources

So....here's the situation. As part of giving more in 2011 I'm going to do regular monthly posts for photographers just starting out. These posts will be little tips that helped me in the beginning and wished I had found much easier. Seemed in some cases I searched and searched for the last 4 years only to get some answers this past year from some very willing (and awesome) photographers who share their knowledge. As a way to pay it forward I'd like to do the same.

But right now I don't know what to "call" these posts. Sure I could just call them FAQ posts or Q&A posts but that seems so generic. I want something a little more me. I've had so many ideas going through my head like coffee break or shop talk or the getting started series but they all seem cheesy. And yes I know I'm cheesy but I'd like this to be non-cheesy. So yes please, your suggestions are welcomed.

And now...after all that rambling today's "Christa's attempt to Help the Rookies" post is about....

The Resources that Helped me Most

These resources are the oh so willing photographers who do regular posts similar (but much better) to these on their own blogs/sites. When I started out these were & still are my faves:

Jasmine Star – go to her blog and search FAQ
Justin & Mary – go to their blogsite and search Pancake Sessions
**sidenote** I'm also doing the Spread the Love seminar & A Wedding Walk Through Workshop with these guys in July...can you say woot woot!!)
The B School – Sign up for $10/month, watch their FREE live feed every Thursday night and/or go the B School Blog archive and read all of these posts I learned sooooooooo much from these old posts by Becker when I first started out.
Claudia Hung – Not only is she the fabulous photographer that I was lucky enough to do a one on one session with....I'm still reeling over the information that has helped me tenfold! She also has a couple of FAQ posts on her blog that are greatly helpful. The first post is really extensive and the second is kind of like a mini follow up :) To read both click here for post #1 & click here for post #2

Okay so last but not least....today I received an email newsletter from a resource website that i visited maybe once or twice a few months ago and quite truthfully I had completely forgotten about. Mainly because I check SO many different blogs of various photographers that I only faithfully read maybe 5-6 of them and the rest are random after thoughts...I know terrible to admit that.

But anyway....the newsletter today was from Willet Designs that advised of a FREE photography class for the WHOLE MONTH of FEBRUARY! Yep you heard me! So if that’s something you’re interested in, check out the link HERE


Now that we're all on information overload I'm going to go eat some leftover Christmas cookies. Yes cause I absolutely need the sugar. And please feel free to share with me your favourite resource blogs/websites in the comment section.
Happy Learning!! :)