November 9, 2010

Things I Love: Vintage Glass

My Grandmother Ball gave me a glass dish.
It's not just any glass dish.
This glass dish is old. Like vintage old.
It's orange
It's heavy
It's shaped like a bird
And I LOVE it!

Many of my childhood memories include this dish in my grandmother's living room. 
Sometimes it even held a few of her crochet needles and a small patch of her latest work.
What I remember most about this dish was that I was intrigued by it.
I loved that it wasn't like any other dish I had ever seen before.

When I found out she was going to hand it down to me, was well,  just awesome!
Nan...thank you so much for allowing me to have one of your treasured possessions.
I promise to take care of it and cherish it until the day I'm ready to pass it along.

I’ve been trying to figure out the name on the label of who the maker is but I can’t make it out. 
If any of you are familiar with this vintage glass or the manufacturer can you let me know? Thanks!
 Oh and on another totally goes with my Orange Chair...woot woot!


Heather said...

wow--that bird did hold alot of "stuff"!! Enjoy!!

Angie said...