October 14, 2010


I started going to a new dentist.
I love her, her assistants, the receptionist, everyone who works there.
When you enter there's a water wall, leather massage chairs, a childrens play area and a very modern but welcoming feel.
In each office you can watch re-runs of Everybody Loves Raymond or Friends while having your teeth cleaned or dental work done.
And what strikes you the most is everyone is happy and really seem like they're genuinely happy to be there.

It brings me back to the thought of passion.
What are you passionate about?
Food? Family? Teaching? Trees?
What is it that floats your boat?
Are you doing or at least pursuing to live life filled with the very things that you're passionate about?

When I realized my one of many passions (photography) and actively pursued it with gusto, it made me feel more fulfilled. I felt as if my life were given a second wind.

Regardless in what form I pursue it, currently as a business, I know it's something that will forever be a part of my life, in at least "some" form. For me that's a comforting feeling.

What's your passion? Are you chasing it with gusto?

And because life is too short to care, a super goofy photo Angie White took of me a couple of weeks ago....LOL

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Myrna Hynes said...

Seeing your goofy pic makes me miss you even more!!