September 13, 2010

Just Because: The Crocker Family

Yes that's the word...sweet.
And I know it's over-used but it's the perfect & only word I could think of that accurately describes the Crocker family.
I've known April since highschool but had never met her husband Bill.
I hadn't seen William since he was born!
But the Saturday morning we spent together was worth the wait :)
It was relaxed & sweet.
Bill is constantly showing April sweet affection.
William is just the sweetest little boy.
And well Timber is just awesome...okay I didn't use the word sweet but Timber is just that...awesome!

This image shows the Crocker family perfectly!
This is exactly who they are :)
Told you they're sweet.

15 year old Timber
Yes another dog has taken a piece of my heart :)
Love the black spot on his tongue....he, he

William, William, William
You're too cute!

I loved how he totally cooperated with me posing him for this one.
Future model maybe?


If you follow my blog you know that I want women, all women, to feel beautiful.
So I always take a minute or two to focus on Just Her and let's just say that April knocked it out of the park!

Beautiful?? Umm...yes please! Check & mark!!!

My fave

April, Bill, William & Timber too :)
Thank you!
For showing me that there's always time for just one more...
One more kiss, one more hug, one more laugh, and of course one more picture :)
 My fave!!

With Much Appreciation, Christa


Dawn B said...

Hey Christa!

I'm the "Dawn" that left the comment on the Marantz's blog that you also commented to. I was excited to see that you live in Canada! Why? I have no idea! Maybe because I've never been there and it just looks so dang beautiful! LOVE, LOVE your work!

Take care

Christa said...

Hey Dawn! You visit Canada and we'll definitely go for coffee :)
Thanks for the kind words, I checked out your blog, you have a great thing going there!!

Angie said...

beautiful chrissy...
first one is my favorite.