September 14, 2010

22. Go on a Hike

So it wasn't a hard hike, more like an extended walk but it was a hike just the same.
Kristen, my cousin Kayla, her boyfriend and I headed to the Tablelands for guided hike.
The official flower of Newfoundland
We were all very eager to learn
I'm hiking, I'm hiking...I mean walking....
The 1000 year old tree, I thought that was pretty cool
This is Kristen's shot
Again...someone please tell him he has to second shoot with me!
Group shot!


Angie said...

hmmm absolutley NOT! Kristen should not second shoot with you. I need to be your only backup!! ha ha. Plus, Kristen needs to concentrate on hunting, and hobbies, and different things. And weddings are on saturdays. Thats gonna take his weekend right away!! ha ha ha. Plus...who will watch Jesse?? Just stick with me girlfriend!! ha ah...Love ya!!

Christa said...

I don't mean all the time, but he has such a great eye!
That's why he won't second shoot with me, too passionate about his hunting. Which really isn't a bad thing :)

Angie said...

YAH KRISTEN for hunting!! I like you more and more!! ha ha