September 10, 2010

A "Green" Baby Shower

My friend Myrna was pregnant (I say was cause since her baby shower, sweet little Charlotte Joy has been born) while I was in Newfoundland this summer.
I decided that since Myrna was going with cloth diapers I would host a green meaning environmentally friendly baby shower.
All gifts were consumable, reusable, or recyclable. We used real cutlery, plates & cups. And tried out best to eliminate any unnecessary waste.
Here's a few photos from the great evening.
Thanks to all who came and supported the "new" idea for a small town.

Table centerpieces were simple mason jars with ribbons and cut weeds.
Yep weeds...loved the look of them.


The decorated onesies done by shower guests.
The far left is the one that's a giraffe in case you can't tell.
Loved it :)

Oh so sweet presents
People gave biodegradable pampers & wipes
Homemade gifts such as quilts
And the list goes on,...GREAT effort into giving "green" inspired gifts.

Measure that belly, it was nice and full and round with baby Charlotte
who in fact, arrived over 2 weeks early!

Thanks again to everyone who helped and attended.
Congrats to Myrna, Jamie and big sister Sarah on the birth of your sweet baby girl.
Happy Friday!!


Tara said...

BEEEEUOOOOTIFUL...Christa!!! LOVE the weeds in mason jars - Myrna looks AMAZNG as usual!! Thanks for sharing!

Angie said...

Very nice.
Love the first shot.