September 8, 2010

73. Go on a Girls Weekend

It's probably been the last 8-10 years that a few girlfriends & I started our annual girls weekend.
The very first was white water rafting on the Ottawa river. Scary but so exciting.
Since then we haven't been quite so adventurous but we always did something....go to a cottage, go camping, and so on.
Last summer a lot of circumstances prevented us from having our annual girls weekend.
So this summer my friend Vicki & I made sure that it didn't happen again.
This year we invited a lot of new faces, booked the awesome tree trekking adventure and off we went!!

I know some women have very few girlfriends, if any. 
But for me having girlfriends, that awesome circle of women who can talk, laugh, understand, is so important to me and to the type of life I want for myself.
I cherish them all dearly, and all for very different reasons.
I appreciate how each one is their own individual with different beliefs, backgrounds & beauty.
Love you girlies!!!!!

All cleaned up from tree trekking & heading out for dinner

I laughed so hard at dinner, probably the most I've laughed in a long time.
"...but it was my favourite animal...."

You don't even want to know what was said for us to all crack up laughing here in what was supposed to be a nice group photo

Okay, deep breath
Take 2!!!!

Seriously girls....thank you. Can't wait for next year!!!


Angie said...

Cant wait for the neext girls adventure!

Cici said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I'm curious though, what IS tree trekking?

Christa said...

Hey Cici!
Tree trekking is a combination of obstacle courses suspended between trees, mostly walking on tight ropes, barrels, etc.
In between some of the obstacles are zip lines :)
Tons of fun!!!