August 2, 2010

Trash the Dress: Jody

She says she's not a girly girl but refuses to leave the house without make up
She says she's tough but can tear up reading one of my blog posts  (wink, wink)
She says she's a Harley Davidson biker chick but nurtures her children with a love only a mother could have
That's Jody
She's part of many of my fond childhood memories, from primary school right up to highschool graduation.
 On the evening of Jody's trash the dress session another fond memory with her has gone into the Christa archvies.
We giggled, laughed, got wet, dirty and she was my toughest customer.
She made fun of my tactics & style. She made faces when I was trying to get her to be serious.
Despite giving me such a hard time (I really do love you Jody) she made looking beautiful EASY!

The light was auh-may-zing!!

This one could totally pass as a magazine ad
Maybe some Calvin Klein cologne?

My fave


Jody you are a joy to be around. As beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.
I love how we disagreed and shared smart banter as we climb rocks, waded in freezing cold water and took in the gorgeous sunset.
I value our friendship and I adore the woman you've become over the years.
Here's to you being you and hoping we never lose touch.
With Much Appreciation, Christa


Stephanie said...

Awesome-my fave is the same as yours :)

Myrna Hynes said...

I think my fav is the one of her sitting on the edge of the concrete with her leg up, and the hem of the dress is FILTHY! Another great job :)