August 2, 2010

Just Because: The Brake Family

They are a family that take road trips and mini vacations.
A family that loves to laugh and play.
A Mom who'll used silly boy humour like saying "poopy head" just to get her kids to laugh.
A Dad who just get's Mommys and the kids silly humour.
That's the Brake Family or also known as the fun family :)
There's just so much joy and laughter among them.
And a true spirit of fun and enjoyment.

I met up with the family on a beach in Pasadena. The light was harsh but I was able to snag these awesome images of Miss Gina

Yes that's right Miss Gina. 
She loves the camera, the attention and was the perfect little model.
And she has the most awesome mouse-like voice that makes me want to just pick her up and squeeze really tight. Maybe a little too tight LOL :)

Then Daymon picked the best spots amongst the trees not far from the beach for a few more photo ops.
He is one cool dude

The cutest smile....I've never been happier to see his smile

Sibling Love

The lovely Mom & Dad - Jody & Craig

Yes lets attempt being serious for a moment. Let's just say this shot took a few takes

Jody, Craig, Daymon & Gina
You're one of my favourite families to photograph. I always have fun. It's always laid back.
And it's a very accurate testament to the type of family you really are.
It's full of fun & laughter. You take the time to play and enjoy life.
If only we all could take a lesson from you and take the time to enjoy life just a little bit more.
With much appreciation, Christa


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the sneak peak. Awesome job. That serious shot ... is actually not that serious

Tara said...

Beautiful family & shots! Can't wait for our turn this summer!

Crystle Young said...

Beautiful family pics....I just love Miss Gina's blue eyes and red hair, she is beautiful!!!!