July 7, 2010

Newfoundland Bound

Been running errands and packing all day. Have no idea how I'm going to get everything that I need there, actually considering going out and buying another suitcase this evening once we're settled away after dinner....eesh!!!
Probably won't have a post tomorrow since I'll be traveling most of the day.

To hold you over until Friday here are a couple of photos of Jesse, Boone & Maggie

 Please excuse the disaster of toys in my living room

Probably the only time I've seen Boone and Maggie this close. 
Both were trying to get away from Jesse.....LOL. Poor pets :(

Happy "hump day" Wednesday!!


Angie said...

what??? Is today really Wednesday??? Meaning tomorrow is Thursday??? I thought it was Tuesday!! lolol

Tara said...

So sweet, that little man of yours is!!! Can't wait to meet him this summer!

Hope your NFLD trip goes well and all your photo sessions go well!