July 13, 2010

Fried Brains & Teasers

So I've been receiving numerous threats, inquiries, comments, etc about my lack of blog posting.
Seriously my brain feels fried with the frustration I've been experiencing with technology. First my laptop has gone kaput, I've been two days trying to download and install photoshop on my dad's ancient computer and now everything runs so slowing that its like pulling teeth just to perform a basic task!!!
In the meantime, I'm pulling a late night just to post a few teaser photos from Holly & Jason's wedding. 
Full blog post to follow so please be patient. I understand completely how aggravating it is going on someones blog to see NO updates. 
I apologize again and in advance cause I have a feeling my month in Nfld is going to be filled with technology frustrations :(

**Note** These photos are completely un-edited and straight out of the camera images that were taken the day of the wedding.

More to follow...hope this quick teaser holds you over til then

1 comment:

Angie said...

Cant wait to see more!!
When Brandt and I get married again we are booking you! lolol
Thats 2 years from now!!