July 26, 2010

Gros Morne National Park Wedding: Jessica & Todd (Part 2)

I've always been told that rain on a wedding day is good luck.
And another of my couples have had a rainy day...they must be the luckiest couples ever!
Ironically when we were in the cars driving to various locations to do the photos, the rain would always stop as soon as we arrived and stepped out of the cars.
Yes, good luck for sure!

My favourite ceremony photo

My fave

The bridal party were awesome and up for anything!

Tomorrow part 3 and the amazing details!


Angela said...

All day long (we got married in the evening) people kept telling me that rain was good luck. I didn't get my outdoor garden pictures, but we did get a few outdoor photos at our "venue". There must be some truth to it though, because we will celebrate eighteen years next month!
I enjoy seeing your pictures Christa. I'm glad your newlyweds don't mind you sharing them with us!

Congratulations to all of your brides and grooms. :)

vanessa said...

I'd get married all over again (to the same man) just to get you to take our wedding photo's. You have a very unique and wonderful talent, its nice to see you use it to capture other people's lives in 'true color'.. awesome.

Angie White said...


Great job girlfriend!!!

Christa said...

Thanks Vanessa for your VERY kind words