May 10, 2010

Me & My Little Man

For Mother's Day my only request was a few photos of Jesse and Me.
Since I'm usually behind the camera, I sadly don't have very many photos of us together.
It was quite the challenge to say the least.
Either my eyes were closed, Jesse wasn't looking. Or the photo was completely blurred cause Jesse wouldn't stay still.
And then a couple favourites I had to majorly Doctor up in Photoshop due to over exposure.
Here are my favourites

he, he, son is seriously TOO CUTE

My favourite even though this was the only way I could "fix" it from the over exposure


I love you Lil' Man!!!
How was everyone's Mother's Day?


Myrna Hynes said...

These are really beautiful, photoshopped or not! You look absolutely wonderful and Jesse is cute as ever! Happy 1st Mothers Day! Hugs :)

Tara said...

FANTASTIC shots Christa....

Happy 1st Mother's Day! Hope your day was great.

AND...I feel your pain, I too have very few shots of Noah & I. In fact, some vacations it would appear that I did not even go!!!