May 6, 2010

Kristen - Answers

Question: Does he snore?
Kristen's answer: How the hell am I supposed to know? lol
Christa's answer: Yes....sometimes. It depends if he's had certain "beverages" which trigger it.

Question: Could he please remove the deer head from your dining area? lol
Kristen's answer: Brutus?????
Christa's answer: Ugh...yes please!!! Immediately!!

Question: Did you mount the turkey up by the deer yet?
Kristen's answer: Three on the way....
Christa's answer: No and he's not going too :) No matter how many he gets!
Question: Did he manage to get all the wood counted in your dad's shed last summer? And if so, how many were there? lol
Kristen's answer: I lost track, will continue this summer
Christa's answer: So most of you have NO idea what this question parents are non-drinkers. Kristen enjoys an occasional beer. Out of respect for my parents, while we visit Nfld, he keeps his beer in a cooler in my dad's wood shed. When he heads out for a beer, he tells my dad he's going out to count his wood :)
Thanks for the questions guys!! This was fun :) Just an FYI, I think Kristen hated this which makes it even THAT much more Keep the questions comin' so we have to do it again soon.
And what's a post without a photo??? Here's a cute one of Kristen and baby Jesse

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