May 2, 2010

Celebrate Summer - Celebrate You

I had a conversation....I asked her, "if you could have the ultimate photoshoot, stylized "Just for You" how would you do it?"

She quickly responded with 2 different scenarios. I could hear the excitement in her voice. "Well, first I'd......and then I'd....." There was a freedom to her voice, her eyes took on a slight glint and her mouth into a half smirk. You could tell she was picturing this perfect scene in her head.

I couldn't help but notice the confidence and pride she began to exude as she described to me what she would love to do.

"So, let's do it!" I said

She stopped....her face, smile, sparkling eyes, immediately transformed. "I can't...I need to lose weight first. And my nose is just awful"

"Are you serious?" I asked "You're so beautiful!"

"No I'm not!!!" She exclaimed

And my frustration returned like it has so many times before. Why do we women criticize ourselves so harshly? Why do we not appreciate who we are? We are unique. We all have that something special. Sure it seems like some have that something more. But really they don't. The grass is always greener.

I myself picture my perfect "Just for Her" stylized photo shoot, and then I think....people will laugh and think I'm crazy, or think I'm full of myself and showing off.

But wait....I'm proud of who I am. Flaws and all! I'm a woman who has pursued my passion, I've born a child, I married the man I love and learned that marriage is hard, my house isn't always tidy, my nose is too big, my breasts too small. This list could easily go on. However I have only one life to live and darn it I'm going to LIVE it! Even if it means looking a fool to everyone else just to celebrate me! Celebrate my life, my beauty. It may not be hollywood perfect but who cares? Who said they were the standard to compare too anyway?!?

And now with June just around the corner, the flowers coming into bloom and the beginning of warm summer nights, I've decided that June is going to be Just for Her month with Christa Hann Photography!

For the month of June ONLY I'm holding the following Just for Her Special....
$400 includes:
Consultation for your own personal stylized shoot
Hair & Make up styled for the shoot. Stylist will come on site.
And a keepsake 10 x 10 Custom Album

Limited Space available.
Let's be proud of who we are! Let's celebrate us!
Please do not hesitate to tell your girlfriends....!!

Real women. Real beauty.

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