July 4, 2011

With Appreciation

I've loved every single appreciation comment that were left both here and on the facebook photography page. I love how everyone's was so personal & uniquely their very own. I love how were all different and how we appreciate such a variety of things and people in our lives.

It's with great excitement I announce Pittures as the winner of the oh so yummy Cherry Vanilla Gift Set...seriously I love this stuff. 

Today I'm appreciating so many things...
Being home on such a beautiful summer day with my little man Jesse (who's currently enjoying an afternoon nap)
Hot summer weather so I can hang clothes out to dry on our backyard clothesline
Awesome people like past clients who send me such touching emails to thank me for their images on just the day that I need to hear the kind words
And Kristen who's out in this hot weather enduring long work days to provide for us, his family. 
Happy Monday!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks a bunch! There is indeed always so much to appreciate!

Dana from Pittures