July 12, 2011

Just for Her Summer Series - Passion

When I first decided to do the Just for Her Summer Series – I jotted down the “themes” I wanted to cover over the summer...when I wrote today's on my calendar I scribbled down.....Just for Her – Career. But the more I thought about it the more I hated that word! I hated the word career, cause I didn't want this post to be about jobs but about following your PASSION. Should it be your income and financial gain in your life remains to be seen but I didn’t want that to be the main focus.
So let's begin.....how do you Find your Passion? Here’s a few suggestions....

1.      True Colors Career
I found this neat free quiz at True Colors Career.com  where it tells you your primary colour and what type of person you are. 

2.      Ask Questions
(Ex:) What am I insanely interested in? What could I talk about for hours? What would I do for free? What activities genuinely give me pleasure? What does happy look like?)

3.      Find your Strengths
Don’t be shy.....what things are you good at? What’s something that you posses that you feel makes you unique even if it was a childhood talent or skill?

4.      Think back to your Childhood.
What were you favourite things to do as a child? Some of mine were playing house (I’m currently living that dream as a wife and mother), I loved making mud pies (I currently love food and consider myself a bit of a foodie), I love playing school (currently my love of sharing knowledge not to mention the thirst for knowledge that never seems to be quenched) take photos, colour & write (all the little artistic things that I’m obsessed with even today) and I thoroughly enjoyed playing Rainbowland (my cousin Tammy would get this one....we very devotedly ran our little business named after my 80’s rainbow wall paper that adorned my bedroom walls.....I don’t even know what our business was I just know we were good at it and we’re quite successful) All of these childhood hobbies and interests are all a part of my life today and the passions I actively pursue.

5.      Dare to Dream
In a perfect world with no boundaries where do you see yourself? Open up your mind to ALL the possibilities.

6.      Make Lists
Write it down! Writing things down with a pen and piece of paper uses a whole other part of your brain than typing on a computer doesn’t. PLUS seeing your dreams and ideas in ink puts a way better perspective on it.

7.      Enlist Family & Friends
Since it’s sometimes hard to assess ourselves...ask your family & friends what 2-3 things they think you’re naturally talented at. My family & friends would say I’m good at talking.....I know this is taken as a bad thing by most people but I’ve embraced and I’m trying to use it for a greater good. If my voice will be heard let it be for something that will helps others and inspire.
8.      Pursue it! 
Once your discover your passion...pursue it! In fact today I’m attending the Spread the Love seminar by Justin & Mary and then this Thursday I’m attending their “A Walk through a Wedding Workshop” I’m willing to do whatever it takes & invest in resources that I feel will help me pursue my passions in photography and running my own business and to continually grow and learn within those fields just because I love it THAT much!!

9.     Nothing is carved in stone
Have you discovered that gardening is your true passion...great! But don’t feel this is a fixed mould and there’s no room for growth or change. 5 years from now who knows what my passions will be? Maybe I’ll discover a love for sky diving or pottery. Always be open to trying new things, new ideas, and listening to others as you never know what’s out there yet to be discovered that might very well be the ultimate passion for you for a season or a life time.

And on that note....let’s get into this week’s challenge...it’s pretty simple....find you passion! 
Use the above mentioned steps to start discovering your true bliss... it might be the beginning of the awesome path you could soon start travelling. 
Happy Travels :)


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