May 23, 2011

Take a Baby Step...Today!

Right now...this moment,'s yours.
Take it all to yourself. There are no significant others, no children. You have no worries about bills, what to make for dinner, that cobweb you keep seeing out of the corner of your eye, or worries about what to wear.
Imagine this...if only for this moment, that your finances are better than ever, in fact, you're quite wealthy and on top of that have abundant amounts of free time on your hands to do whatever it is you please.

At this moment, with this new found freedom, where is it that you picture yourself? What's your deepest, and most honest hearts desire, right now?

Maybe you're picturing yourself walking along a beach?
Maybe you're in France, learning about and of course tasting the fine french cuisine.
Are you a stay at home mom who's just finished slicing up oranges for your child's soccer practice?
Maybe you're on a farm, getting your hands dirty at the crack of dawn as you help with the cattle.
What's your dream?
Did this 'new found freedom and wealth' allow you to feel fearless and adventurous? Did this idea of the perfect circumstance stir flowing of desires that every day life pushes down and dehydrates from your spirit?
I want you to know that being "rich" doesn't keep us from those desires. We do....
If we just decide and act, then we can have the life we truly desire....and here's a secret...most of the time it isn't 'stuff' that we want, it's people and relationships that we desire more than anything.
This post isn't to depress you today my friends. Nope, in fact it's to ENCOURAGE you.
Today I want to encourage you to take a baby step.
Yep I want you to take a baby step today, tonight, right now towards making one of your hearts desires a reality.
It may require you to get out of your comfort zone, but then maybe that's exactly what we need to do if we haven't obtained that dream thus far?? Maybe it's time to think outside the box and try something new?
 Who knows, maybe the end result will be exactly what we've been wanting all along.
Today I'm taking a baby step towards one of the desires I have for my life and that's to simplify.
I've become completely overwhelmed with trying to update blogs, facebook, websites and client galleries, oh and let's not forget keeping up with that inbox.
So I'm simplifying...I'm taking baby steps towards consolidating where I can. Taking away the websites that do not benefit me or drain me rather than help me. 
I have a huge idea of the simple life I want to live but this is the baby step I'm taking today.
I'd love to hear what step you'll be taking :)


Angie said...

Im taking baby steps to getting back on track with being organized.

Since going back to work and moving at the same time, I've not been able to get everything organzied like I'd prefer. Im taking baby steps! :-)

Christa said...

Baby steps are better than no steps :)

Anonymous said...

Well I love this blog cause it really made me stop and think a lot about how I have been feeling. You know when just at the right time you read something that makes you feel a whole lot better well this was one of those moments. Thank you cause it was just what I needed plus the long weekend helped with a book called "Don't sweat the small stuff with Family". I am also taking baby steps to go out with the old and in with the new. I am one of those people who loves life & love everything that is around me. So I have realized that I need to live in the now as you put it so nicely in another one of your blogs.I miss that person so I will take small steps to get there again. Thank you for your wonderful blogs I look forward to them all the time.Cheers to small steps forward!TT

Anonymous said...

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