May 5, 2011


Kristen & I have the best neighbours.
No really....we do.
In fact in the early stages of our relationship I moved a lot. The first 7 years of our relationship I actually moved 7 times, 4 of those within a 6 month window when I had finished college.
Of everyone that we had living next door, we never quite felt connected, or would even consider them friends. With the exception of maybe two old neighbours, we have not remained in contact with any of them.

Since moving to this house we have had and have the BEST neighbours.
It's the perfect blend of social-ness and mind your own business-ness....I don't think that's a word but you get the point.
One of the houses closest to us (and are my favourite neighbours ...shhh don't tell the others), is a couple who travel quite extensively, especially to Korea since the wife half of the couple is from there. Upon returning from one of their latest trips, they brought back a little goodie bag of treats. 
One of them being chocolate....did I mention I have the best neighbours?

Kristen isn't much for chocolates but he actually kept taking these and eating them, much to my dismay!
We would almost compare them to Skor bars and they were DELICIOUS :) 
Thanks Neighbours!!

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Ricardo A. said...

Christa, I enjoy reading these posts!

haha, I'll be sure to bring you some of these when I come back to Canada for a visit in August! :)