May 26, 2011

Go Ahead...Make My Day

She told me she was proud of me....
...then continued on to say that she's enjoyed watching me succeed and even likes to read my blog with her breakfast.
I'm not quite sure what I said, I might have said thanks, I might have looked at her in disbelief and said really?! But I do know that I talked, and rambled on in true Christa fashion. Speaking for the sake of speaking and speaking just to hear my own voice.
The truth is I didn't know what to say because as good as her remark made me feel, I wondered in my head what success is she talking about!?!?
Then there's days like today, when baby hormones and self doubt sneak in, okay well maybe mostly self doubt and a little bit of baby hormones...and I'm an emotional mess. A day where the lump in my throat refuses to subside and there's a moment when the tears spill over and I'm trying to hide them from others.
But as always, the unexpected happens. I get not one, but three separate emails telling me to stay positive and that they believe in me. Huh....go figure :) 
I don't think we realize how perfectly our timing can be sometimes when we're saying that one nice thing to someone. I don't think we realize the impact our words, whether spoken or written can have on the outcome of one's day.
It really could make it or break it. 
So my's not too late, go out and make someone's day today!
Tell them you believe in them, tell them to keep their chin up, and even tell them you're proud of them.
And if you're the recipient of the kind words....don't talk like I did, but do what I should have done...
which was to simply be silent and hug her so she could feel my gratitude and appreciation for the kind words she had spoken. She made my day!

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Holly said...

***hugs*** i feel so honoured to have you as a friend. your successes and your honesty have encouraged me to look at what success means to me to and what i can do to get there. you are such a great motivator! :)

last weekend we had our bbq on saturday and it somehow turned into a whole weekend of friends camping out at our place. i had panicked, not being prepared for that. but a friend's son, who's only 12, said to me: "you're a great host" and that was all i needed to hear. knowing that he was having fun and felt comfortable around me, i knew i didn't need to worry. even simple words can be so powerful! i will pass it on today :)