January 5, 2011

Feel the Burn

I'm not long home from another great night of volleyball.
I love playing that sport so much. I had taken a couple of years off for personal reasons and couldn't wait to get back playing this past fall.
It certainly hasn't disappointed :)
I especially love the nights that we have to work our butts off to win, you're sweating, out of breath and every muscle is burning but it feels so good.

Okay so I'm completely wired and I should be going to bed but wide awake.
Guess I'll go read for a bit.

Oh and on another side note, today's photo was of Kristen looking 'very grumpy' on the couch as he watches team Canada win silver.
I'm not allowed to share though,....sorry.
Instead here's one of Boone instead this photo from Day 3  :)

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