December 13, 2010

Feels like Home

I was reading Jody's blog today...catching up on some past posts whenI read this post that reminded me of when this house where Kristen, Jesse, Boone & I live now, actually felt like home for the first time.

It was a Sunday evening...December of 2005
I was home alone...pre Boone & Children. Kristen was playing a late night hockey game.
The house was dark except for the light of the Christmas tree and tv.
It was at that moment, in the soft comforting glow of the tree that our new house felt like home.
It was a quiet calm. A cozy, warm and welcoming feeling.

And even though life right now is anything but what I've just described. This house still feels like home...
And just to further demonstrate the's an outtake from our family portraits last month.
And I wouldn't change a thing.


Anonymous said...

How wonderfully said. You can see the joy & love your family. Take care and Best wishes to your family throught the many wonderful years ahead. TT

Angie said...

your title makes me sing