October 8, 2010

On Faith

I'm reading a book called Tribes by Seth Godin and last night I read this and just had to share.....

"Faith goes back a long way. Faith leads to hope, and it overcomes fear. Faith gave our ancestors the resilience they needed to deal with the mysteries of the (pre-science) world. Faith is the dividing line between humans and most species. We have faith that the sun will rise tomorrow, faith that Newton's laws will continue to govern the way a ball travels, and faith that our time in med school will pay off twenty years from now because society is still going to need doctors."
Not sure why this struck me so profoundly but it did.....sure is a reassuring quote though, isn't it?
Not sure who Seth Godin is, click on his name and check out his site & blog. I can guarantee in some way you will be inspired :)
Happy Friday

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