October 12, 2010

Just For Her: Cynthia

She asked if I could include a couple quick "just for her" shots when I took photos of her daughter.
I said sure, I'd love too.
I knew she had been going through a lot and emotionally I knew she needed a pick me up.
I knew she needed to feel fabulous and beautiful.
I knew that if I did my best that a few photos of her would help her feel better. If only a little.....
I left the session thinking, I am "so" going to wow her.
After she see's her photos she going to be like, holy cow Christa you made me feel wonderful.
Well let's just say.....that didn't happen.
That the little bubble of a world that I was living in quickly popped.
When she saw her images she said, I like them but don't put them up anywhere.
Sigh....I let her down.
It was exactly what I didn't want to happen, I wanted her to see her photos and see the beauty that I see. 
See in the images the beautiful person she is on the inside and out.
See how fabulous of a woman she truly is.
Well Cynthia whether you believe it yourself or not....you are beautiful!
You are fabulous.
You are a real woman. With real beauty.
 May you always know that & never forget.
With Much Appreciation, Christa


Anonymous said...

I, honestly, absolutely love this pic & I totally agree with you Christa. She IS beautiful! :)

Pamela Anthony said...

Wow, great job, Christa! Cynthia, you ARE beautiful. I LOVE the dimple in your cheek, your piercing eyes & the simple smile on your face in this picture! Stunning!