September 30, 2010

Leisure Estates Bed & Breakfast: Sam & Mike

They met through a friend on a casual night out.
4 days later they were dating.
And 4 years later, here they were saying "I do"

I had the great honour of 2nd shooting with Angie White for Sam & Mike's wedding. To say the day was amazing is an understatement. To say Angie was the best primary shooter is another understatement.
The wedding day was perfect and Angie, thank you for the opportunity.

Sam & Mike we're married on a beautiful Saturday in Elmira at Leisure Estates Bed & Breakfast the venue was absolutely beautiful! Though clouds loomed the weather completely cooperated just as we hoped.

Because my main duty for the day was to photograph the guys it was odd going through all my images and not have an abundance of bridal & bridesmaid shots. But no worries, Angie's images rocked it out!
And mine....well you be the judge :)
Mike was quite the dapper groom

All of Mike's groomsmen were either family or friends since high school.
These guys were full of character and I had a riot hanging out with them.

Mike has quite the need for speed so having trucks as the source of transportation for the day was quite appropriate.

Mike makes looking good, easy!

After the heartfelt ceremony we headed out to a local farm for some of the awesome-ness you're about to see. 
Side note: I apologize for using the word awesome over & over

It was here that I finally met Sam & the bridesmaids. They did not disappoint. All of them were as sweet & fun as the guys

My fave "farm" pose :) LOL

And seriously whats ANY wedding without the awesome shot, this case...awesome BOOT shot :) Love, Love

Just some randomness around the farm that I liked

So this bridal party was fun fun fun!

But when it was time for the serious poses, they rocked it out!!!!!


Before I show you the most beautiful bride Sam I want to show a few more detail shots
The rings

A little bit of the decorating at the reception which was held at Linwood Community Centre
I just have to say everytime I look at these I want to label the wedding as country glam. Cause really EVERY wedding needs a bit of bling. And this one did not disappoint!

And without further ado....Sam
I found out Sam loves to sing and maybe even in her younger years wanted to be a star.
Well Sam your dreams have come true because you look absolutely fabulous and could give any singer or actress a run for their money!

Wow! Just Beautiful

Red Barn...check & mark! 

Of this series I can't decide which is my favourite.
I actually had more but narrowed it down to 3 for the blog post.

Sam & Mike I wish you much love and happiness.
Angie!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 
I had a great time and am so glad you allowed me to be part of this fabulous wedding.
With Much Appreciation, Christa


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Another job well done!!! I love looking at your photos!! :)

Angie said...

Stunning stunning job my sweet sweet friend! I was so blessed to have you by my side! I think we made a great team! You know you have now spoiled me and I will want you by my side everytime!!!

Great job!

Love you!

Tara said...

TOTALLY AMAZNG and AWESOME!!! Great job Christa...LOVE the photos. What an amazing theme for wedding, colours, etc! I LOVE the FAll!!!

Tara said...

Heeeey.....I just realized that one of the bridesmaids is my cousins good friend (Meghan Ugberg - maybe spelled wrong)! HOW this is such a small world, huh??? LOL