September 20, 2010

First Birthday

You're rough & tough
You love throwing things
You could spend the whole day throwing around your favourite red ball
You love to pat your hands on stuff to make noise
You yell "da" as a response to almost everything
You love looking out the window at the trucks & tractors across the street
You run squealing when Boone walks by wagging his tail because you think he's playing with you
You love Maggie but Maggie doesn't love you
Red is your favourite colour
You love other kids
You only say Mom if you're crying to get up in my arms
You eat pretty much 'everything'
You have an amazing appetite
You love when Dad chases you
You love music
You still don't sleep through the night
You bring myself & Dad smiles everyday
You bring smiles to us even on the hard days & sleepless nights
You have shown us a new kind of love that cannot be expressed with words alone
Jesse this past year has been amazing, hard work and so worth every minute
I wish I could slow time down
May this be the first of many many years of birthdays that we can share with you, dote on you and love you even more than the day before.
Happy Birthday Little Man


Heather said...

ahhh sooo sweet! Happy 1st Birthday Jesse!
Christa, I can't believe he is 1 time flies!
Love your blogs and look forward to catching up on your life everyday( yeh i mean I love being nosey LOL)

movian said...

Tear tear....exciting tear.....
this is Leah in 5 days!