September 27, 2010

Christa Hann Boutique: Float Wraps

A few orders of float wraps came in last week and I wanted to showcase them again because seriously I LOVE this product! 
And am so glad it's one of the few specialty items I include in my boutique product line.
Float Wraps
If there were any question before of how they look, then here's a few more samples

You can see how the photo is wrapped around the board for mounting

The backing which allows it to "float" off the wall
And you can see how the outer edges of the photo are secured to the back, again part of the wrapping

Full display on the wall...yes I'm absolutely in love

I apologize for all the yellow. 
These images were taken in our basement and I love yellow so everything was painted as
Happy Monday!

1 comment:

Kare said...

Love the float wrap; I think I'll have to look into ordering sample for myself. :-)