July 5, 2010

Monday Musings

Family weekend was great!
I have very few photos but here's a couple
Swimming with Daddy at Wasaga Beach

Sportin' the mohawk after swimming :)

My eyes are brutally swollen. First I thought it was because I didn't put sunblock on them (I have fairly sensitive skin) but they're like it again this morning. I might actually have allergies....go figure.

A baby bird tried to fly out of it's nest this morning as Kristen was leaving for work. Except it didn't fly, it just kind of fell. I've been trying to catch it with no luck. Still not quite sure what to do with it if I do catch it. Put it back in the nest? Or take it to an animal rehabilitation centre? Suggestions?
UPDATE: Can't find the baby bird....?!?!!? :(
Only 3 more sleeps and I'm Newfoundland bound. Very excited, I'm there a month and I have 4 weddings, numerous portrait sessions and lots of family time planned.
In the meantime I'm trying to make sure all my photography stuff on the Ontario side is all cleared up before heading out of province. 

The weather is HOT and beautiful. I need to hang some clothes on the line and started checking things off my to do list.
Happy Monday! Keep an eye out for any little red baby birds, he might be the one missing from our nest :(

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Angie White said...

SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks like a great day!
We will have to try and get together in August to do this!