June 17, 2010


Today.......Jesse won't stop whining and I'm having a hard time finding patience
Today.....Boone is pushing every limit and dug up the backyard...again!
Today....I'm doing a Trash the Dress photo shoot. I'm excited but nervous.
Today....I'm hoping my hair and makeup work out as I'm envisioning in my head.
Today.....I need to go to the library since I didn't go yesterday and now I have late fees.
Today....I probably won't go to the library.
Today...I need to start digging stuff out of the cold cellar to participate in a yard sale this Saturday.
Today....I probably won't get much yard sale stuff organized.
Today....I need to remind myself that things could be much worse.
Today...I take deep breaths to calm myself and relax.
Today.....I hate how I feel but realize this is life.
Today....I am grateful that I even have all these things to complain about :)


Anonymous said...

Totally can't wait to see your trash the dress.

Tara said...

OH Christa...Jesse is SUCH an adorable baby. So precious! Today...you are one lucky mom having such an adorable baby in your life! You are always so positive (even when you need to let it out)!!! You go, GIRL!

Anonymous said...

Have a lot of fun with your trash the dress shoot!
Like to see some pictures of the shoot.
I might be interested in buying the trashed wedding dress as is, so no cleaning required!
Please contact me if interested at herwyn.w@skynet.be
Hope to hear from you.
Enjoy your trash the dress shoot