June 8, 2010


Today....Jesse is crawling to my feet, pulling on my pants legs, crying "mom, mom, mom, mom......"
Today.....I have a new appreciation for Twitter and seem to be going on Facebook less and less. I never though that day would come....I'm a Facebook addict. I LOVE it.
Today.....I have 3 loads of laundry piled in a basket waiting to be folded. Almost pointless since it'll be too wrinkly to wear now :(
Today....I'm hoping to finish editing my shoot from this last Saturday. These kids are just too cute.
Today....is Jesse's last swimming lesson for the summer.
Today....is a beautiful sun shiny day I really should try to get out and enjoy it some :)
Today....I share with you this oh so cute snap shot of Boone that Kristen took this past weekend