June 2, 2010

Albums....Who Knew?

I've been researching and researching album suppliers for a while now.
Who knew there were sooooooo many???
There are a few things in particular that I've been looking for, that would make them my preferred supplier.
First, a quality product. Figured that goes without saying but thought I should put that out there.
Second, it reflects my own personal artistic style
Third, a price point that is affordable for brides without being cheap
Fourth, I would buy them myself

My first choice....is from WHCC
These are my least expensive albums out of my product line.
This is who I also use for the Reception Sign in Books (more on that tomorrow)
I ordered a sample book to see if I liked the thickness of the hinged pages and to see if I liked the final finish of the printing.

This one is the floral black fabric. I will say I do not like floral patterns but loved how subtle the pattern was. It seems a bit harsh here but it's only to show you the actual pattern.

I custom designed all the pages of this album
For example this page...where the photo is duplicated but it's a darker inset of the lighter version

Same here but instead is a two page layout

Left some "white space" for writing if desired.

Again left a bit of "white space" as an example of room to write on the reception sign in books.

Here you can see how the pages are thicker than regular pages

These come in 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12
 And generally 10 pages / 20 sides
Pages also have a UV coating
My preference is 10x10 as they can be designed with a custom photo cover.
But here are a few more cover options

All feedback welcomed, as always


Tara said...

WOW...beautiful christa! are these albums ones you create the pages online, then order. the only one I've ever used is blurb (for Isabelle's bday/life book album), so I have nothing to compare it to. with this site, can you do a conversion of blog to book. At 'BLURB' the company I used, you can and this is why I like.

Tara said...

OH MY...just went to check out their site. WOW...I'm in love! Do you have to have a business to order from here???

Christa said...

Yes you must be a business to use this company as they are basically a service provider for professional photographers.
Once you submit all your info they send you a login name and password generated by them.
I'll be featuring a few more album suppliers I'm using in the coming weeks too. These are more highend/expensive than this company.
OH just an FYI because they're US the shipping & handling can get QUITE costly sometimes.

Christa said...

Oh and no not aware of the blog to book option.
They have print settings which MUST abide by. I custom design most of my album pages.
There are a lot of companies out there though that sell templates especially designed for WHCC

Myrna Hynes said...

Very nice!
I really like the black and white album cover. It's kinda flowery but not really over the top. Know what I mean?
My fav layout is the 2-pg spread of Bobbi-Lynn. Although it doesn't have "white" space I think it could still be written on easily in the faded out area.

Christa said...

It's actually an all black colour, I took the photo in really harsh light so you could actually see the subtle flower pattern :)