May 21, 2010

USA bound

There are days, sometimes weeks that I have writers block and struggle with what to write about on my blog.
Now the problem is having so many things to write about and so little time to do so.
I want to update you on my 101 in 1001 list but don't have the time this morning since I'm packing for a weekend away to the USA! Woo-hoo!
This weekend I should be checking off at least 2 items on the list....very exciting.
So when I'm back and all organized I'll be sharing lots of updates and photos

To hold you's a Boone update
He was pretty hot yesterday after our walk. I crack up at his tongue hanging out. He, he, he.

Have a safe and happy long weekend!


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Heather said...

BEAUTIFUL PIC but more importantly ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!!! Wish I could come with you! LOL