March 4, 2010

The Price of Beauty

Did you ever have times in your life where you have thoughts going through your mind?
They linger there and show themselves time and again?
Then all of a sudden, you see something, read something, or hear something that confirms what's been on your mind.
This week it happened twice.....because of that I'll do two separate blog posts.
The first confirmation that I received was yesterday while watching Oprah. I don't watch Oprah everyday but on yesterday I really wanted to because I'm a Jessica Simpson fan. Today just re-confirmed WHY I like her....she's not the perfect Hollywood weight, she wears her heart on her sleeve, she's REAL!
Those close to me know how angry I get by people so influenced by the media.
Hollywood - schmollywood!
I know people who are willing to pay $300 for a 'brand name' dress or shirt to show up at the same event as me in my $30 shirt or dress (and that's a splurge for me) and nobody be none the wiser. And on some occasions I even receive more compliments on my outfit.
I'm not saying this to brag about how oh so awesome and beautiful I am (note sarcasm here!) but I am saying it to show that unless your job is to know designer clothing (which is a minority of our population), nobody has a CLUE what brand name you're wearing. Nor does it matter....did your designer label get you the attention you had hoped for that evening? I think not....
So on to what's been on my mind....
It's been on my mind lately about my photography and who I truly am.
I've followed various photographers the last few years and the really successful ones I've wanted to be "just like them" so I could be just as successful as them.
Yet they INSIST to just be yourself. That being yourself will be the reason you're successful, not copying someone.
They were right....
It hit me lately that the TRUE me, isn't trying to book "perfect model looking hollywood type" clients.
Now please don't take that the wrong way, I don't think my past nor future clients are ugly.
I just think my clients aren't your typical media beautiful people.
I think MY clients are REAL beauty. No let me re-phrase that...I KNOW my client are REAL beauty.
They are the real deal.
MY clients are true to life, not plastic not fake. I love my clients....they're people that I aspire to be like. They inspire me.
I'm not perfect, I'm seriously flawed.  
To prove this point, I'll share this little story.
A few weekends ago, Kristen's grandparents were visiting us. I was watching the Olypmics when a particular athlete was being interviewed. Me being shocked by his appearance said "man, he's ugly!"
Kristen's grandmother VERY quickly stopped me and said "Now Christa, you know NOBODY is ugly"
I sat there stunned and ashamed. Cause she was right....nobody is ugly.
"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." Genesis 1:27 (NIV)
I sheepishly agreed and felt guilty.
Now back to Jessica Simpson (I'm so all over the place with this post today) and Oprah.
The show was about how women of the world go to such extremes to be what the media says is "beautiful"
It was when Jessica talked about her "aha" moment that I sat there and started to cry (yes I'm a complete mushball)
She said "It really is about the heart of a woman that makes her beautiful"
I say Amen to that sista!
That's the clients I want.....women who are beautiful. But beautiful in the terms of true life. Beauty by their terms! Not the terms of some media personality who says what's trendy right now.
Here's the link to VH1 where it's talking about Jessica Simpson's new show
Let me conclude with this little story from last summer.
I emailed a client to tell her, that her sneak peek of photos were up on my blog.
I thought she looked amazing and was extra proud of myself.
I waited patiently for her to write back and gush on about how I was such an amazing photographer and how happy she was with how beautiful she looked in the photos.
Well....she didn't
When she wrote back, she didn't fact she critiqued. I was crushed.
It wasn't until we later talked that I realized her less than optimistic remarks weren't because of my photography but because of her insecurity.
As amazing as she looked, she wouldn't dare admit it. She had to pick on every flaw that she had.
Which honestly was just ridiculous....this girl is know the one that never wears makeup and still looks perfect. You know, the girl that you love to :)
But this just furthers my point.
Girls! Let's be proud of ourselves. Our own unique beauty.
Yes on the outside but most importantly from the inside!
On that note of 'true' beauty I'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to a couple of the most beautiful women I know; My Mom and Mother in Law.
Happy Birthday, I love you both :)


Myrna Hynes said...

My sisters ex-mom-in-law (lol) used to say (her version of "Beauty in the eye of the beholder"), "If you had a tree growing out of your face, there would be at least one other person in the world with a tree growing out of their face too, who thought you were just perfect!"

Kare said...

I've had that same reaction from clients - they don't see how beautiful they look in photographs, they just zero in on the faults they find. And we all have the faults, but they just needed to be reminded of the sparkle in their eyes and the beauty that shines through.