February 12, 2010

Torch Relay - The Journey Home

I've been watching the live torch relay on CTV off and on all morning.
I'm so excited about the Olympics, not only because I love them in general but because they're in Canada this year!
I just love the spirit of the Olympics and how all nations come together with a common mind.
If only we could all get along like this on a regular basis.
When the CTV coverage has shown small snipets of touching moments along the trail I find myself welling up with tears. And I'm sure over the next 14 days I'll be just as emotional.
I remember at a very young age of my Mom turning on CBC for the Olympic coverage. It seemed to be a permanent channel for those two weeks.
I'm so proud to be Canadian and so proud of our athletes.
Jesse & I even had a chance to witness the torch ourselves when it came through our town a couple of months ago

Freezing our butts off but enjoying the moment

Going to the Olympics is definitely on my "Lifes to do" list
If you're interested in the schedule and tonight's opening ceremonies check the official Vancouver 2010 website HERE

Go Canada Go!

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Myrna Hynes said...

Aren't you just SO excited about Canada winning GOLD last night? Yay Alex Bilodeau!!