February 22, 2010


Kristen likes candy. No scratch that, Kristen loves candy.
However he doesn't eat it that often.
But under the right circumstances he can be easily lured...for example this past weekend we headed to Niagara Falls to show my cousin (who's like a sister) the sights.
When the lights and colours of Pop & Lolly's caught his attention

Mmmm....look at the candy

Kristen making his purchase....a very expensive one at that I might add.
Tourist attractions should be ashamed for charging so much money for flippin' candy!

But I must say it did make for a colourful photo op :)
And the candy was good too, he was willing to share!


Jody said...

Love the pic of Kristen in the line up...definitely describes the saying "Happy as a kid in a candy store..." lol

Myrna Hynes said...

mmm....candy! I probably wouldn't have shared :)